My primary goal as an instructor is to develop enthusiastic and confident critical thinkers. Doing so is not only a passion of mine—I believe it is an important and long-lasting contribution that I can provide to my community. Regardless of my students’ future careers, their ability systematically infer information from qualitative and quantitative data is a necessary skill that I view as foundational to developing higher order critical thinking. In my teaching, I therefore emphasize inclusive, student-centric learning, active engagement with the material, critical evaluation of theory, and scientific inference.

Please see below for more information about my teaching experience. Sample course syllabi are available via hyperlink. I can provide a full statement about my approach to teaching upon request.

Instructor of Record


Graduate Research Methods (PSC 503), University of Illinois Springfield

Seminar in International Relations (PSC 515), University of Illinois Springfield


Introduction to International Relations (PSC 373), University of Illinois Springfield

Global Culture and College-age Youth (GBL 101), University of Illinois Springfield

Scientific Study of Politics (PLSC 10), Penn State University

Quantitative Political Analysis (PLSC 309), Penn State University

Global Pathways (GLIS 102N), Penn State University

Civil Wars (PLSC 436), Penn State University